for Partners
Designed for small business
Banking-as-a-Service digital platform
Drives acquisition and onboarding in minutes
6+ layers of safety and security
Accelerates the digital transformation
Integrated with local and regional financial institutions
Partnership Options
Loquat is a Banking-as-a-Service digital platform that you can offer to your customers
Channel Partnership
Let us market to your customers and if we sell Loquat…. it’s a win, win, win
Embedded Product or Service
Have a product or service that could enhance Loquat’s platform? We are always looking for ways to enhance our customer offerings
Collaborative Development
Loquat is constantly innovating. If you have an idea for small business banking – let’s build it together
Any Questions?
Our FAQs
  • You have guidelines for your brand and so do we. We can discuss how to make both goals succeed.
  • Customers are our financial Institutions. We highlight the ones we have permissions to discuss. If you want more information our sales team is happy to connect.
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  • We are growing daily. To get the latest numbers our sales team is happy to connect.
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  • Your brand is important and you have guidelines. We will work with you to design how our brands coexist and support one another.
  • It’s easy. You can integrate your existing systems to Loquat’s stand-alone API or Loquat can provide 2-way API that will seamlessly integrate with your systems.
  • That depends on the type of partnership. If you want more information our sales team is happy to connect.
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  • Loquat has 6+ layers of authentication and fraud built into our KYC, KYB process.
  • Loquat App is available on the web as well as in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • We started with the problems plaguing small businesses and solved them.
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