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Easy user experience makes banking a breeze
Bank the way you want - on your phone, laptop, or in the branch
Open a checking account, get a virtual debit card, and secure a loan in minutes
Our 6+ layers of safety and security protect you against fraudsters
Open a checking account, get a virtual debit card, and secure a loan in minutes
First-class customer service connects you to a real person within seconds or schedule for a "better" time
Open an Account
And get a virtual debit card in minutes
Enter your information once
We ask for the information that we’re legally required to and automatically fill in the forms for you. You just hit submit
Take a selfie to protect against fraudsters
This is just one of our 6+ layers of safety and security
Have business partners? Great!
We will contact them for verification
Get a Loan
Access funds in minutes
Already using Loquat? No extra forms
Just enter your loan amount and terms, and we will present you an offer within minutes
Our loan process is different
We believe in transparency and fairness in lending, so we created a model to underwrite loans to more businesses
We are happy to give you a loan
Digitally sign your loan agreement and get the funds in your account in minutes. Use the Loquat app to manage your finances: integrate your accounts, consolidate your loans and track your spending
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Our FAQs
  • Loquat is expanding quickly and hopefully coming to your country soon.
  • Loquat wants to be sure that you’re a live person. This is one of our 6+ layers of security.
  • If you have partners that own 25% or more of your business, financial institutions legally need to collect their information to open an account.
  • We issue a virtual debit card within minutes that you can use anywhere. Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
  • Yes. We will confirm their identity (keeping your business safe) and within minutes they will get their own virtual debit card.
  • We do not store your information, our financial partners do! They are legally required to hold your information safely and securely for years.
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