6 powerful strategies to slash cloud costs

October 31, 2023
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6 powerful strategies to slash cloud costs

Cloud cost management is a multifaceted challenge for SaaS companies, demanding a broad and in-depth understanding of the factors driving these costs. From the deployment architecture to the culture among engineering teams, from pricing strategies to the choice of technologies, every facet contributes to the overall cloud expenses.

To confront these challenges head-on, software leaders can take six immediate actions, including:

  1. Formalize an agile cloud cost governance program
  2. Foster cloud transparency
  3. Align pricing models with customer usage
  4. Emphasize cost considerations in decision-making
  5. Educate customers about resource consumption
  6. Optimize deployment architecture

By taking these proactive measures, SaaS companies can enhance their cloud expenses, make accurate cost predictions, and achieve significant savings while ensuring financial sustainability and continued growth.


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