Cyber-attacks: Not as costly as you think

Surprisingly, the economic impact of cyber-attacks may not be as catastrophic as initially predicted. Despite warnings of skyrocketing costs, recent data suggests a more nuanced perspective. According to Tom Johansmeyer, a cybersecurity expert, the actual financial toll of cyber incidents may not be as drastic as feared.

In a case study of the NotPetya attack in 2017, which caused over $10 billion in damages, Johansmeyer’s analysis challenges the prevailing narrative of escalating cybercrime costs. While the threat of cyber-attacks remains a concern, the notion of a $23 trillion global cost by 2027 may be exaggerated.

Recent trends indicate a potential shift in the cybersecurity landscape, with the actual impact of cyber-attacks showing signs of stabilization or even decline. Despite the increasing frequency of cyber incidents, the economic repercussions may not be as dire as previously anticipated.