Every company is now an adtech powerhouse

May 03, 2024
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Every company is now an adtech powerhouse

It seems like every company is jumping on the adtech bandwagon these days. The largest bank in America, holding over $2.4 trillion in deposits, is now venturing into the world of ad sales. Introducing Chase Media Solutions, a new unit that will help brands target customers based on their spending habits. This move by the Wall Street giant is just the latest example of non-traditional players trying to monetize user data through advertising. Retailers like Walmart, Uber, and Marriott International have already dabbled in this digital ad frenzy.

Unlike typical retailers, who sell ads on various platforms, JPMorgan’s new advertising arm will focus on offering targeted discounts and deals to specific customer segments through the Chase Offers program. For instance, customers who frequently purchase baby products may receive diaper deals. Chase cardholders can view these offers on their app and choose to activate the ones that catch their eye. Rest assured, advertisers won’t have direct access to Chase customer data.

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