Feel Good Sunday: Does more freedom at work mean more fulfillment?

October 08, 2023
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Feel Good Sunday: Does more freedom at work mean more fulfillment?

In this TED Talk, Sarah Aviram delves into the concept of work freedom and its impact on employee fulfillment. Aviram, a renowned organizational psychologist, argues that traditional workplace structures often stifle creativity and limit employees’ sense of autonomy, leading to decreased job satisfaction and productivity. She emphasizes the need for organizations to embrace a more flexible and empowering approach to work, allowing employees the freedom to make decisions and explore their passions.

Aviram draws on various studies and real-life examples to illustrate how increased autonomy and trust in the workplace can lead to greater job satisfaction, innovation, and overall well-being. She also highlights the importance of aligning individual values and purpose with the organization’s mission to foster a sense of fulfillment and engagement among employees. Aviram’s talk challenges the traditional notion of work and offers insights into creating a more fulfilling and empowering work environment.

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