Feel Good Sunday – From Tragedy to Forgiveness: A Story of Hope and Redemption

June 18, 2023
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Feel Good Sunday – From Tragedy to Forgiveness: A Story of Hope and Redemption

In 1995, a tragic event occurred that changed the lives of Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix forever. Khamisa’s son was murdered by Felix’s 14-year-old grandson in a gang initiation fueled by drugs and alcohol. However, instead of seeking vengeance, Khamisa and Felix chose the path of forgiveness. They both embarked on a journey of deep meditation and eventually met to forge a lasting bond. Their story is a testament to the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Khamisa is now a renowned speaker on nonviolence, forgiveness, and peace-building. He firmly believes that nonviolence can be learned, but it must be taught. Children are not born violent, and it is up to us to teach them the values of goodwill, friendship, trust, empathy, compassion, and peace.

Their TED Talk, “What Comes After Tragedy? Forgiveness,” is a must-watch for those seeking inspiration and hope. As Khamisa says, “Peace is possible,” and he knows this to be true because he has found peace within himself.

Sustained goodwill creates friendship, sustained friendship creates trust, sustained trust creates empathy, sustained empathy creates compassion, and sustained compassion creates peace. I call this my peace formula. It starts with goodwill, friendship, trust, empathy, compassion and peace.

Azim Khamisa, Ples Felix: What comes after tragedy? Forgiveness

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