Feel good Sunday: try-out family-democracy meeting system

November 26, 2023
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Feel good Sunday: try-out family-democracy meeting system

The realm of politics should be open to all, starting right at home, asserts activist Hajer Sharief. She introduces a remarkable concept: parents can instill political awareness in their children by involving them in household decision-making through candid family gatherings. These meetings provide a platform for everyone to express their opinions, negotiate, and find common ground. Sharief believes it is crucial to convey that political matters are just as relevant as personal and family affairs, urging us to question whether we can truly afford to be disinterested or uninvolved in politics.

Political decision-making necessitates diverse perspectives, encompassing individuals from various backgrounds, interests, #beliefs, genders, races, ethnicities, and ages. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to contribute and influence decisions that directly or indirectly shape their lives.


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