Foundation Models: Google’s Gemini leads the way for AI innovation

Foundation models are the driving force behind many of today’s powerful AI systems. Google recently revealed that all of its products with over 2 billion users now rely on the Gemini model. The 2024 AI Index report highlights the significant investments made by developers in creating their flagship models. With the increasing importance of this technology, there is a growing demand for transparency. Various governments, including the US, EU, China, Canada, and G7, have taken steps to enhance transparency around foundation models. Today, the Republic of Korea and the UK are hosting a meeting of world leaders to address these issues.

The Foundation Model Transparency Index (FMTI) was introduced in October 2023 to assess major foundation model developers like OpenAI and Meta based on their public disclosures. The October 2023 Index evaluated transparency across various indicators such as data, labor, compute, capabilities, limitations, risks, usage policies, and downstream impact. The results revealed a lack of transparency in the ecosystem, with developers averaging a score of only 37 out of 100.