Herd on the street: The Plight of unicorns with limited cash

The start-up world is teeming with billion-dollar companies, commonly known as unicorns. But here’s the reality check: only a minuscule fraction of them, less than 1%, are actually generating a billion dollars in both revenue and cash. This is the true measure of sustainable success, and it’s not as prevalent as one might think.

What sets apart the truly successful unicorns is their unwavering focus on building industry-disrupting companies that can thrive on their own, even at scale. These founders aren’t just obsessed with raising capital; they are determined to make a lasting impact.

It’s remarkable how these founding teams have managed to achieve such monumental success in such a short span of time. On average, they have conquered these significant milestones within a mere decade of their launch. However, it’s important to acknowledge that many of these companies are still in the early stages, and there’s no guarantee that their triumphs will continue indefinitely.