Welcome the magic of “inglese farlocco”

November 17, 2023
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Welcome the magic of “inglese farlocco”

Fluency in ‘inglese farlocco’ is now a necessity in Italy as hybrid words and #unconventional meanings continue to grow.

From its origins in World War II to its modern-day ubiquity, this linguistic phenomenon has become a must-know for anyone wanting to stay in the loop. Discover the intriguing world of “fake English” where words take on a life of their own, often leaving native English speakers scratching their heads.

While some worry about the infiltration of English, others see it as a vibrant expression of Italy’s adaptability. Business jargon, pandemic lingo, and even the younger #generation’s slang all contribute to this linguistic hybrid. From “schedulare” to “cringiata,” the creativity knows no bounds.

Purists may be appalled, but to Corbolante it’s linguistic dynamism. “Italian is a vital language,” she tells me. “We take foreign material and adapt it to our needs.” All right!


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