Curious Saturday: Are you consuming “forever chemicals”?

November 11, 2023
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Curious Saturday: Are you consuming “forever chemicals”?

When it comes to PFAS, short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or “forever chemicals” in some plastic recyclable bottles, this group of synthetic chemicals widely used in various industries due to their water and grease resistance properties are also known to persist in the #environment and have adverse health effects.

Studies have shown that PFAS can leach into food and beverages from packaging materials, including #plastic bottles. This raises concerns about the potential exposure to these harmful chemicals, as plastic bottles are commonly used for storing and consuming drinks.

While recycling is generally seen as a sustainable solution, the presence of PFAS complicates the process. Recycling facilities struggle to effectively remove these chemicals, leading to the risk of PFAS entering recycled plastic products and perpetuating their presence in the environment.

This calls for stricter regulations and guidelines regarding PFAS in plastic packaging and the importance of consumer awareness and demand for safer alternatives. Overall, the presence of PFAS in plastic recyclable bottles underscores the urgent need for sustainable and non-toxic packaging solutions.

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