Curious Saturday: Why do we work?

August 05, 2023
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Curious Saturday: Why do we work?

Barry Schwartz, a renowned scholar studying the link between economics and psychology, sheds light on the broken perception of work in his captivating TED Talk titled “The way we think about work is broken.” Schwartz believes that the answer to why we work lies in the realm of technology, but not in the traditional sense of automation and machines. He introduces the concept of “idea technology,” which he defines as the creation of ideas and ways of understanding through science.

While technology has undeniably transformed our lives, Schwartz emphasizes that it is the technology of ideas that significantly influences how we think, what we aspire to, and how we act. He refers to the social sciences as a prime example of this idea technology, as they create frameworks for understanding ourselves and our society.

With his deep insights into the intersection of economics and psychology, Schwartz challenges conventional notions about work and encourages a reevaluation of our relationship with it. By exploring the profound impact of idea technology, he prompts us to reconsider the purpose and meaning of work in our lives.

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