Feel good Sunday: The beauty of being a misfit

For those who feel like they don’t quite fit in, take heart. There is something truly extraordinary about being a misfit. Lidia Yuknavitch, a talented author, bares her soul through a heartfelt collection of stories that celebrate the beauty of being different. In her moving talk, she reminds us that even in moments of failure, we possess an inherent beauty. We may not realize it yet, but we have the remarkable ability to constantly reinvent ourselves. That, my friends, is where our true beauty lies.

Misfits, we often struggle to hope, to say yes, or to seize the opportunities right before us. We carry a burden of shame, believing we don’t deserve the admiration of those we admire. But let me share a different perspective, a myth known as the misfit’s myth. It teaches us that even in our failures, we are still beautiful. We possess the power to reinvent ourselves endlessly. Embrace your #uniqueness, for it is your greatest strength.