Feel-good Sunday: Unveiling the unsung heroes assisting Syrian refugees

December 03, 2023
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Feel-good Sunday: Unveiling the unsung heroes assisting Syrian refugees

Our society has a knack for constructing narratives about refugees, painting a picture of who they are and what they represent, laments Feras Fayyad, a TED Fellow and accomplished documentarian. His tireless efforts seek to dismantle the misconceptions surrounding these displaced individuals, serving as a form of resistance against prejudice—for himself, his daughter, and the countless Syrian refugees scattered worldwide. This poignant account serves as a rallying cry against injustice, highlighting the profound impact of storytelling.

However, forging this cinematic universe has been an arduous odyssey, fraught with challenges. Fayyad has faced an uphill battle against the rampant racism and #discrimination entrenched in the film industry.

Those in power, presuming to know the desires of the audience, have perpetuated #stereotypes about superheroes and refugees. Yet, refugees are ordinary people, just like Fayyad himself. These remarkable individuals shattered societal expectations and defied the status quo.

And so, he refuses to surrender. He owes it to them, to his daughter—a symbol of resilience—to amplify the stories of these extraordinary heroes who bear an uncanny resemblance to her. For her sake, he will persist in his resistance.

Feras Fayyad: The real-life superheroes helping Syrian refugees

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