Is Working Hard Really All It Takes to Be a Good Person? Azim Shariff Says No!

We’ve all heard the phrase “hard work pays off,” but what if that’s not entirely true? Social psychologist Azim Shariff challenges the notion that working hard equates to being a good person. He explores the roots of this belief and proposes a shift towards valuing meaningful effort over labor for labor’s sake.

Imagine your job being replaced by a computer, but you still have three years left on your contract. Would you continue to work or take advantage of the situation and stay home? Shariff reveals that those who choose to keep working are often seen as more moral, even if they add no extra value.

We’re all searching for the best collaborators in life, and we want to show others that we are that person too. But what if we’re asking for the wrong thing? Shariff suggests that we should focus on producing something meaningful instead of just putting in effort.

If what we ask from each other is to produce something meaningful, we will create a world full of meaning. And what could be more moral then that.