People continue to work from home: does it matter?

September 15, 2023
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People continue to work from home: does it matter?

This article from the Financial Times highlights the ongoing prevalence of remote work. It emphasizes that even as restrictions ease and businesses gradually reopen, a significant number of individuals continue to work remotely. This shift has not only affected employees but has also prompted organizations to reevaluate their long-term strategies and consider the potential benefits of maintaining remote work options.

The article further explores the challenges and opportunities associated with remote work, discussing the impact on productivity, employee well-being, and the future of office spaces. It also delves into the potential implications for cities and urban planning, as remote work may lead to changes in commuting patterns and demand for office space.

Overall, the article underscores the enduring nature of remote work and its potential to reshape traditional work environments in the post-pandemic era.

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