“Why I must come out” – Geena Rocero’s Journey

July 09, 2023
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Feel good Sunday: “Why I must come out” – Geena Rocero’s Journey

Model and filmmaker Geena Rocero reveals her journey of self-discovery, breaking down the complexities of gender identity. Assigned male at birth, Rocero always knew she was a woman, and now she’s inviting you to join her on her journey. She shares how important it is to create a space where people can self-identify and encourages conversations about gender identity. The transgender community is just beginning, and Rocero is leading the way with her inspiring story. She invites you to be her ally and approach the topic with curiosity and an open mind. Gender is a complex and fluid concept, and Rocero’s story is a reminder to embrace and accept people for who they truly are. Join Rocero on her journey of self-discovery and learn how to be an ally to the transgender community.


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